Eyelash extensions are single / individually applied synthetic (handmade) lashes that are applied one on one on the individual’s base of their natural eyelashes with specially formulated glue.

Eyelash extension tends to last between 4 to 6 weeks if proper care and maintenance is adhered by each individual customer. This is unlike falsies where eyelash extension can be suited for individual looking for different types of look (Natural / Glamour / Dramatic).

At Premium Lash Sydney (a.k.a Sydney Best Eyelash Extension) we provide the following Services:

  • Classic Set
    Demi Lash (a.k.a ½ set) – This is really natural looking whole eye, with medium/ light density and suitable for light makeup to to no makeup required.
    Prem Lash (most popular) – Perfect for any daily wear and approximately 70 – 80 lashes are applied to individual natural lashes.  See video @ https://youtu.be/0ze55siuPZk
    Glam Lash (a.k.a thickest single lash by lash application) – This is perfect for any events such as wedding / parties / Christmas parties)  
    Hybrid look (mix of single and volume lashes) – Suitable for individuals with sparse lashes and wants additional volume.
  • Russian volume Sets
    Russian volume sets are a.k.a Prem Russian volume @Premium Lash Sydney. This is full voluminous extravagant mink lashes look. All Russian volume only uses silk & faux-mink lashes only.
    The process for the different set of eyelash extensions varies between 1 – 2.5 hours or more depending on the volume / types of lashes are applied to the individuals.

At Premium Lash Sydney, we only offer 2 kind of eyelash extensions:

  • Silk
    These are man-made fibres (a.k.a PBT) that are finer / softer / flexible than the synthetic lashes. The retention of silk eyelash extensions tends to last longer than synthetic ones. At Premium Lash Sydney, we do not offer synthetic lashes.
    Usually individuals selecting classic sets can choose between Demi Lash / Prem Lash / Glam Lash. However, we do offer the option of faux-mink lash should clients prefer the much lighter weight.
    Silk provides much darker / bold /thicker look as compared to faux-mink. Silk is usually one of our client’s favourite options. As there are various lengths and curls available to customer, we usually will provide consultation upon first visit to confirm on the look each customer chooses and advise if the look suits them best.
    Most customers who chooses Premium Lash Sydney’s Glam Lash look, usually its perfect for any events especially for brides who are looking for glamour look with natural appeal.
  • Faux-mink lash extensions 
    At Premium Lash Sydney we do not use real mink fur, as we are against animal cruelty.
    Faux-mink lash extensions are also known as man-made fibres, designed to imitate real mink fur. The unique features of faux-mink lash extension are much lighter / finer / glossier / natural which makes it feel as if it’s your own natural eyelashes.
    Many of our returning customer with weak natural lashes chooses mink instead of silk, and with proper care and maintenance, they tend to last for week without feeling the weight and don’t tend to drop or twist after weeks of wear. As mink lash extension are so fine and soft, the surface area ratio between your own natural lash and the lash extensions will be much closer to 1:1, whereas synthetic can be 1:2 or even higher, as such this will make them last longer.
    this allows customer not to feel the weight and they don’t tend to drop or twist even after weeks of wear.
Classic Set – Prem Lash