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Demi Lash (Silk / Mink )

Demi Lash (also known as ½ set) is a really natural looking type of eyelashes across the whole eye, with medium/light density for a subtle enhancement. Suitable for light make up to no make-up. This is also for those looking for a reasonable and really subtle look.

Application of approx. 50L (Lashes) per eye.

Estimate 30 to 40 minutes

Prem Lash (Silk / Mink)

This is the most popular eyelashes set that most customer comes to do at Premium Lash Sydney. It’s perfect for any daily wear and the full set of eyelash extensions mean you have a gorgeous natural long lash all the time and without using mascara.

Application of around 70L – 80L (Lashes) per eye.

Estimate 60 minutes

(Full Set)

Glam Lash (Silk / Mink)

This is the thickest single lash by lash application with more volume and individual lashes applied in comparison to Demi / Prem Lash Extension. This is perfect for any events (weddings / parties / Christmas parties) that you would need to rock up looking beautiful!

Application of around 90L-110L (Lashes) per eye.

Estimate 75 minutes

(Full Set)


Hybrid is also known as a mixture of single and volume lashes (50/50 mixture). Hybrid is a great way for individuals with sparse lashes and wants to add additional volume and looking for sets that are in between Glam and fluffy Volume sets. Only mink lashes are used for our hybrid sets.

Estimate 75 minutes

(Full Set)


Prem Russian Volume

Full voluminous extravagant luxury mink lashes look. This are handmade lightweight, soft & fluffy. All Prem Russian Volume lashes are done with faux-mink lashes only, as the lashes are light weight and softer for individuals.

*We are also well recognised as Sydney Best Eyelash Extensions bespoke boutique salon, providing the best russian volume and classic sets in Sydney. 

*Infills Policy: We can only accept infills from another salon / boutique provided the lashes are in good and proper condition. If the remaining lash extensions are less than 30%, and not in good and proper condition, removal and full set prices will be applicable on the final bill. This is important as we do not prefer to infill from another salon, but we accept on case by case basis depending on the infill performed by the previous lash technician. We will check and advise during consultation if new customers are required to remove and perform full set.

* Contact Us for more infomation   Eyelash Extensions Sydney | Eyelash Extensions Sydney | Eyelash Extensions Sydney | Premium Lashes

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