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After getting your eyelash extensions done, do not allow your eyelash to get wet or moist within 24 hours! This is very important for customer going to gym for workout or sauna, travelling to south east asia with humid weather will reduce the retention of the adhesive, swimming or avoid any water / moisture at all cost in the 24 hours period.

Dry heat and moist will affect the adhesive

Coating sealant helps to protect the lash extensions from sweats, oils, pollutants and dust which will help to reduce the risk of breaking down the lash adhesive and lash extensions falling off. Highly recommend customers who are active in sport activities to purchase coating sealant.

Don’t use any oil-based eye products, creams, sunscreen, waterproof mascara, cleansers etc. This will easily affect the adhesive bonding between your lash extensions and your natural lashes. Avoid wearing excessive makeup, as the thorough cleaning will cause the adhesive to breakdown.

Regular cleaning of the eyelash is important. We have special foaming lash cleanser available for purchase at in store or online.

You may accidently pluck or rub out your natural lashes and will result in gaps in between your lashes. Sometimes our hand may have oils or body lotions, this may easily cause breakdowns to the adhesives causing it to fall / drop. The less you touch your lash extension, the longer it retains and last.

This will affect your lash extension retention.

Make appointment with your lash salon every 2-3 weeks (recommended) to ensure your lash extension last longer as each individual lash growth cycle will be different.

This may prematurely damage your eyelash extensions. Eyelash extension have beautiful curls, as such recommend that you speak to your lash technician on your style you prefer i.e. curls (B, C, CC & D).

If you ever need to remove some light make up, always be gentle around the eye area.

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